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April 24, 2020

Big C’s Wellbeing Blog

Five Apps to use whilst stuck at home

By Lee Jarvis

Whilst going through this period of social isolation most people are in the fortunate position where they have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer.  

To help with passing the time and looking after yourself here is a list of five apps to try for free! 

1. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is a free mindfulness app which can help you to de-stress, sleep better and feel more happy. 

The app gives several options on what might be useful to you, such as learning to meditate, learning to cope with stress and anxiety, or methods to help you sleep better. 

Using this app for just a few minutes a day can make a positive impact on your life.

2. Echo by LloydsPharmacy

Echo is a repeat prescription ordering service recommended by the NHS which can be set up to have your repeat prescriptions posted out to an address of your choice free of charge.

Please note that Echo is currently not taking new patients, but if you continue to check regularly you can sign up when they’re open to new patients. 

3. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service which can either be used as a free service (with adverts) or a paid subscription service (without adverts) and this service has access to millions of songs and podcasts.

After downloading the app, you can simply starting listen to the music you like and over time Spotify will recommend music based on what you’ve been listening to. 

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is a free video conferencing app mainly used by businesses, but can also be used by families and friends to keep in touch. 

A cool feature about this app is you can up to 100 people in one video call and it’s quick and easy to set up.

The app can be linked to phone contacts and allows you to invite people to download the app and use it too.

The app can also be used as a messaging service with other people who have downloaded it. 

5. Untire

The Untire is a self-help that provides a guide to help cancer patients reduce cancer-related fatigue. Whether you’re living with or beyond cancer, the programme can help you regain energy. 

Simply download the app and answer the questions provided as accurately as possible. The app will then score your energy levels and personalise a plan to help improve your situation.

Lee Jarvis is the Deputy Centre Manager at the Big C Centre in King’s Lynn.

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Big C’s Wellbeing Blog

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