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A Listening Ear

In every Big C Centre, we have specially trained staff and volunteers ready to offer a listening ear and support to you when needed. They will often be the first person you meet when visiting a Centre, and can help explain what support and information may be beneficial to you, or will just sit an listen to what is concerning you.

No matter what is on your mind, however big or small you think it may be, please know that you can always talk to us. Many people who talk to us, tell us that afterwards they feel understood, listened to, and less lonely in what they are going through.

For example it can be common to feel anxious about speaking to others about cancer, we’re here to help you deal with these anxieties or worries. Whether you have just been diagnosed, finished treatment, or caring for someone with caner, you can chat with us in the Centre about anything.

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You can talk to us at your closest Support Centre, over the phone or via our online form below.

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