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Family Therapy​

When someone in the family is diagnosed with cancer, it can place a great deal of stress and worry upon those around them. Everyone copes differently, many adjust well without any help but we’re here for you as additional support if you need us. 

Family therapy helps people in close relationships and family units to support each other. It enables family members, including children, and couples, to understand each other’s views and to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions about cancer together. 

Adjusting to illness within family is never easy, but we can help you to deal with relationships, communication, changing roles and preparing your family as the cancer changes. 

Much like our other services, Family Therapy is free of charge thanks to the support and fundraising of the local community. 

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What does counselling involve?

Each ‘family’ can have up to six sessions. A session lasts for about fifty minutes and run from 9.00am to 4.00pm, with 4.00pm being the last appointment available.There is normally a waiting time between referral and the first counselling session, although we aim to keep this to a minimum. A member of staff will contact you to arrange the first appointment. Subsequent appointments are made with your counsellor.

Will what I say in counselling be confidential?

All the work you do with the Family Therapist, and everything you discuss is confidential and will not be discussed with any other staff member. Our guidelines on confidentiality will be discussed with you during your first session.

Who provides the counselling?

Big C Counsellors are fully qualified and work in accordance with the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. []

Who can come along to a Family Therapy appointment?

It is best that for the first appointment the main person attends alone, to enable the therapist to gather the information required to plan future sessions and decide with you who you would like to attend. Family therapy can involve more than one person in a session, if it will benefit the client, this can include but is not limited to parents, partners and children.

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