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Complementary Therapies

We know that cancer can affect us all in different ways. From the physical effects of a diagnosis and its treatment, to dealing with the emotional impact on ourselves, our families and those close to us. At Big C we offer a range of support to ensure your physical and emotional wellbeing is cared for.

One way is through Complementary Therapies. 

How would they help?​

A cancer diagnosis, and the treatment that can follow, often brings with it a great deal of stress and worry, along with the physical side effects that can affect your day to day wellbeing. Many people find that using complementary therapies can help ease some of the physical, psychological and emotional side effects of their treatments for cancer.

We offer complementary therapies to the person diagnosed, plus one person from your close support network (e.g partner, carer, or family member caring for you), for up to six sessions.

Wellbeing and cancer

It is important to know that complementary therapies cannot cure cancer or be used as a treatment for cancer. They are used to allow you mind and body the time and space to relax and release tension.

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