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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some common questions and answers, regarding the support and information provided by Big C. Have a question that doesn’t appear below? Use the form at the bottom to ask us.

Q. My relative / friend has cancer can I use the Centre?

Yes, Big C support anyone affected by cancer, as we recognise that cancer has an affect on not just the person with the diagnosis but also on those that care for that person, including family and friends.

Q. Do I have to pay to use the services at the Centre?

No all Big C services are  free at the point of access, this is down to the generous donations from the local community.

Q. I've finished my treatment can I still access support from Big C?

Yes. At Big C we recognise that emotional and physical issues relating to cancer do not stop when your treatment does, and the time this can take differs for each person. For many this can be a vulnerable time and the time when support is needed most, which is why Big C will aim to support you whether newly diagnosed, in treatment or a cancer survivor.

Q. I can't get to a Centre how can I get the support and answers I need?

We have a telephone line that is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (excluding bank holidays). Our telephone is manned by our experienced Support & Information team, who can talk to you about anything that is troubling you. At times we may need to call you back or return your call from a message; either due to the team being very busy or so that the right person from our team can deal with your enquiry, for example on of our nurses.

Q. Someone I know has been diagnosed where can I get information

When seeking information about a specific cancer it is always good to use a reliable source, be aware that you may not have full medical details and remember that everyone is different, including treatments and symptoms.

We understand that many people like to research information so we hope that by having our Cancer Information page we can help you to find the information you need from a trusted source. You can also call one of our Support & Information Centre’s and speak to our trained staff about the services we offer and practical ways you can help.

Q. Money is a real issues for my family. Where can we go for some help?

Big C know that for many finances and money issues can add to the stress and anxiety of cancer this is why we provide a Welfare Advice Service free of charge in our Centre’s. Our trained Advisors can help with such things as, Welfare rights, benefit form filling and sick pay. You can also find useful information and further help on the following pages.

Q. Does my doctor have to refer me to Big C?

No, you can self-refer, which is as simple as visiting or calling a Centre to discuss your needs with our trained staff.

Q. Can Big C help me answer a question about my medication?

Yes we have an online ‘Ask the pharmacist‘ service that allows you to enter the medications you are currently taking and the ask the pharmacist a question via this online form.

Q. Can Big C help me to support my children?

Yes, our trained Support & Information team can talk to you about how best to support your children and offer some ideas to help ease communication with them depending on their ages. We also have our nurses and counsellors who can offer a more specialist approach such as help with how to break bad news and ways to offer emotional support to them.

Sometimes family therapy may be offered as a short intervention to help family members, including children to understand each other views to explore and express difficult thoughts and emotions about cancer together.

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