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Hair loss support

Hair is often a key part of your identity, and hair loss can be one of the first things that you think about when you receive a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer treatment affects everyone in different ways, and how your hair is affected depends on the type of treatment you have. Your health care team will explain any physical changes such as hair loss and what to expect from your personal treatment regime.

Losing your hair

Some people may lose their hair while others may experience hair ‘breakage,’ or hair thinning, and others may not lose their hair at all.

Learning that you may experience hair loss or thinning can be difficult to adjust to and cause an emotional response. This can be down to many factors; sometimes exploring the headwear options that are available and speaking to someone about how you are feeling can help you to gain a little sense of control around your hair loss.

There are many options for you if you experience hair loss; these include hats, scarfs, beanies and wigs.

For hair thinning you can use the same options as for hair loss but may also be able to speak to a  hairdresser about cuts that can make the most of your hair and help it to appear thicker, try partial wigs or hair pieces, or use accessories and headbands to help disguise hair thinning.

How can Big C help?

Big C is here to listen to your thoughts and concerns, and help you work through any worries you may have about hair loss and provide you with support. We welcome you to access our drop-in at any of our Centres or hubs, where we have trained staff and volunteers who can spend some time with you to talk things through.

In our Centres, we have a range of headwear for purchase, which we update depending on the season and trends. Our headwear includes hats, scarves, long tie scarves and accessories. Our support team are here to help you understand tying and styling your headwear.

We can talk you through the different options and get a feel for your style. Our team can guide you on the most suitable headwear depending on your lifestyle and activity level. We sometimes have pre-owned headwear that has been kindly gifted to Big C that you can take home free of charge.

What types of headwear are available?

Hats, beanies and turbans

These can be a great option as they are ready to just place on your head and come in a large range of colours and styles that feel comfortable, look stylish and are super easy to wear.


Scarves come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can be worn alone or to layer over a beanie to add a splash of colour or individual flare.

Our team can show you how to tie scarves and how to add them to headwear to introduce your own personal style; this also gives you a wider choice of how to style your headwear.

Sleep caps and wig liners 

Sleep caps are seam free soft beanies that can be worn at night to keep the head warm, they can also help to ease any sensitivity of the scalp whilst sleeping or offer a comfortable option for wearing around the home.

Wig liners are worn under wigs to help with comfort and to aid cooling of the scalp.

In our Centres, we have an extensive range of headwear for everyone, which we update depending on the season and what is in style at the moment. Our headwear which is available to purchase includes hat, scarves, long tie scarves and more. Alongside this, we also have free, or for a small donation, pre-used headwear to test out or take home with you.

NHS Wig Clinic

You may decide that wearing a wig is the best option for you. In our Norwich Big C Centre, we host the NHS Wig Clinic Session. These sessions are booked and arranged through the Weybourne Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (as they require an NHS referral) and are held in a private room in the Big C Centre.

In these sessions you will be able to try on a number of different wigs and test out styles to suit you.

If you are not being treated at the NNUH speak to your Cancer Nurse Specialist to find out where your nearest Wig Clinic is held.

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