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Cancer and your appearance

Going through cancer treatment can often bring with it changes in your body and appearance. We know this can be an unsettling time but we’re here to help you through this time of change.

Worried about hair loss?

For those who experience hair loss during cancer treatment, it can be an unsettling time. Whilst some decide not to wear headwear, others choose to wear a hat, headscarf, wig or turban. That’s where Big C comes in. We can help you work through the many options and choices available to you.

Changing body image?

Appearance is often a key part of our identity and if your appearance changes it can affect you in many ways. Depending on your cancer and the surgery or treatments you need your appearance or view of your appearance can change. We are here to talk to you about what you are going through, and new feelings and emotions that may occur.

Feeling like you again

In our Norwich Big C Centre we work with the national charity Look Good Feel Better to run workshops for both men and women, to look at simple techniques to manage the physical side effects that cancer can bring to help you feel more like yourself again.

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